Vosper founded in 1871


Over 170 patrol boats built to Vosper design in 50 years


Over 50 clients in 20 years


Over 200 new ship
designs in 20 years


Welcome to Vosper International Ltd

Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Ship Designers

Who are we? We are a shipyard design office that survived receivership when Vosper Pte’s shipyard went into administration in 1986. We are Naval Architects and Marine Engineers; used to designing ships for ease of construction and a guarantee of performance.

Who are our clients? Our clients are shipyards, whose design office is either too busy to take on a project or lacks the experience of a particular ship type.

How do we work? Given a specific requirement for a new ship, we select one of our previous designs – that has been built - and then modify it so that it meets all of the new requirements. In that way we are sure that the new design will be easy to build and will perform to the required specification.

What ships do we design? We tend to be given the design of those ships where, in their requirements, there is a need for something a little more demanding. It might be anything: speed, seakeeping, lightweight, low cost, a particular operation... etc

What are our strengths? Our strengths are in our database of ship designs that have been built, tried and tested. We know what works and what doesn’t work.

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