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Later in 1977 when nationalisation actually occurred Vosper Thornycroft (UK) Ltd and Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd were transferred to the nationalised British Shipbuilders leaving the much reduced Vosper plc with Vosper Private Ltd in Singapore, Vosper Inc in the USA and Yarrow plc but these latter shares were sold to the Weir Group in 1979.

The increasing demand for design and technical support was recognised by the Vosper Board and in 1978 they established Vosper International Ltd as an independent design bureau under the chairmanship of Sir John Rix so that Vosper’s specialist technology could be sold independently of the Singapore shipyard to overseas navies and shipyards. Vosper plc acquired Hovermarine in 1979 to create Vosper Hovermarine Ltd. For the next 2 decades Vosper International Ltd engaged in an ongoing programme of research and technology costing over US$4 million aimed at advancing their pioneering role in the specialist field of high speed ship design and engineering. However in 1987 Vosper Pte Ltd in Singapore entered receivership; Vosper Hovermarine was sold to a management buyout; Vosper Private Ltd was sold to Brunei interests (QAF) and Vosper International Ltd and Vosper Inc sold to Scottish interests.

The Company was then equipped with modern computer aided design and drafting (CADD) facilities and with ISO 9001 accreditation it became a wholly independent ship design bureau complete with a database stemming from its history as part of the Vosper Group.

The company also developed a state-of-the-art computerised ship/fleet maintenance management system ‘VIMMS’ which utilises the INMARSAT satellite communication system to allow HQ management and control of important logistic support functions on a continuous basis.

Research has also resulted in the successful introduction of patented acoustic and vibration attenuating devices, ‘AVC’s’, which minimise propeller excitation of the hull structure. This results in lower on-board noise levels, effectively eliminating a major source of hull vibration and minimising acoustic signature.

Today Vosper International remains committed to maintaining its well-earned tradition of quality and excellence in specialist ship design through offering client shipyards and operators the use and evolution of its extensive database and years of experience of building, testing, trialing and supporting both its own-designed ships as well as those of others.

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